Zyto Hand Cradle
Zyto Hand Cradle

Zyto Hand Cradle

The Hand Cradle works with a PC computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10...

Availability date: 04-03-2020


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The Hand Cradle is essential for remote biocommunication energetic testing using our Zyto Elite system...

We have created proprietary Biofield Analysis software to analyze your body's signals according to our Clinical Theory of Everything model.

Along with our noise-reducing microphone headset, the hand cradle is also used for your remote Zyto Evox Perception Reframing sessions...

One process that you should definitely complete once in your life is Transgenerational Perception Reframing.

Clear the epigenetic patterns of your youth, and release the epigenetic constraints inherited from prior generations...

Optimize your responsiveness to natural therapies and access your best genetic blueprint for health and wellbeing.

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