NES Scanner
NES Scanner

NES Scanner

Together with free software for your Mac or PC desktop, this Remote Scanner will automatically scan for over 150 Biofield energy patterns in just 20 seconds...

Availability date: 04-03-2020


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With the click of a button, your scan is sent to us to evaluate and recommend your NES Infoceutical remedy program...

Order your NES Scanner right now while we have extra units in stock, and we'll include a Free personal Skype consultation worth $297!

We're so confident you will love the whole WellNES experience, that we'll extend a 30 day money back guarantee and still give you your Free private face to face Discovery session so we can really get to know each other...

Your upgrade option from the Scanner is the Client miHealth unit which does everything the Scanner does, plus actual healing with a full range of both Microcurrent and PEMF therapies...

Olympic athletes call the miHealth their 'pocket doctor'.

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